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Shine Bright

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Green Goodness

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Chocolate Dream

One Earth Organics superfoods are a new breed of superfood, great tasting, nutrient-dense blends specially formulated by one of the best herbalists in the UK, are loved by nutritionists and are laboratory tested. They are for both adults and children and are tailored to specific needs to make you glow and feel great!

We DO NOT support unfound health claims, detox diets or cutting out large food groups from your diet. We are about eating more fruits and vegetables and inspiring you to make healthy yummy food choices.

The wellbeing of the planet is also important to us.  Our superfoods are ethically produced and we proudly support small family farmers and indigenous communities around the world – all of our suppliers are responsible and some are even Fairtrade and/or FairWild certified. For us, preserving the planet is as important as protecting your health.

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in the UK only
8% of 11-18 year olds
eat their 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

We are on a mission to promote
healthy eating from a young age.

Our superfoods are top-grade and
processed in a way that conserves
their goodness.

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