Here at One Earth we strongly believe that wellbeing is fundamental for the whole family and that good health plays a vital part, especially early on in life. We are a new breed of health food provider that prioritises EVERYONE on their wellbeing journey regardless of their age or background. We want to make it easier for people to achieve true health with a minimum of effort, which is why our organic blends are created for easy and optimum use for the whole family.

The wellbeing of the planet is also important to us. Our ingredients are ethically produced and we proudly support small family farmers and indigenous communities around the world – all of our suppliers are ethical/Fairtrade and/or FairWild certified. For us, preserving the planet is as important as protecting your health.

We do use the term ‘superfoods’. But for us these foods don’t have to be exotic or expensive- they are just foods that contain a high amount of nutrients, which is why our blends contain things like beetroot and seaweed because they taste great and are packed full of nutrients!

We are happily located in leafy Buckinghamshire, UK

Only top grade ingredients

Our blends are top-grade and processed in a way that conserves their goodness. They are not chemically treated and retain all of their nutritional value, so you can be sure their many health benefits are passed onto you in full.

We have carefully researched the best sources for each ingredient and insist on the highest levels of integrity.  That is why all our suppliers are approved by certification bodies who comply with the highest accreditation standards approved under EU organic regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 annexes III and IV. This means they are free from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other nasties, in addition to being Non-GMO.

Preserving our precious eco-systems and supporting sustainable agriculture

Helping to maintain the world’s precious eco-systems and biodiversity is an important part of our company ethos. All of our suppliers are chosen based on their desire and ability to protect the sensitive habitats and landscapes where they are located, while conserving the long term fertility and biological activity of their soils. They follow sound ethical and natural agricultural procedures throughout all levels of cultivation.

Ethical trade is also a founding pillar of One Earth’s philosophy. All our suppliers use ecologically responsible production and processing methods. Even down to our packaging, we maximise use of renewable resources and recycling to minimise pollution and waste. And watch this space!! We have some exciting packaging innovations going on next year!

Our Team

MerindaDirector- One Earth Thailand
ThomasChief taste tester