This is THE ultimate nutritious smoothie bowl right here!
Created by the very talented Jade over at @PanaceasPantry
We LOVE Green Goodness, it is by far the most nutritious superfood blend on the market, just 1 teaspoon gives you a whole host of goodness including B vitamins (over 250% of RDA of B12 per teaspoon), iodine, Vitamin D (34% of Vitamin D RDA per teaspoon!), iron, magnesium, Vitamin A and folic acid to name a few!
2 frozen bananas, chopped
1 large handful of baby spinach
200 ml coconut water
1 kiwi fruit, skin removed
1/2 lemon, skin removed
1/4 cup coconut yoghurt
1. Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender. Blend on high until very smooth.
2. Taste the smoothie, and adjust any flavours you’d like to highlight.
3. Enjoy immediately!
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