All these blends are loaded with nutrients that are particularly beneficial for skin: They contain antioxidants that have anti- inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, aid in cell reproduction and protect cells from oxidative stress.

Green Goodness: Seaweed & seagreens work together for a huge amount of vitamin and minerals including Omega 3.

Shine Bright: Acai berries, goji and matcha are all amazing sources of anti-oxidants. Vitamin A, C, E, Iron and Magnesium support skin health, hair, nails and vision. They also promote healthy bones and hormonal activity.

Rejuvenate Your Soul: Just 1 teaspoon of this blend gives you over 150% RDA of Vitamin C. Hugely important in skin health! Potassium and magnesium also support muscle function and metabolism.

How to use: Boost your breakfast porridge, cereal, yogurt or smoothie or use as an ingredient in baking.

Serving size: 1-2 teaspoons on your porridge, cereal, yogurt or smoothie. You can also mix the flavours!

Servings per pouch: 8-9 servings per pouch for the small bundle. 24-30 serving pouches for the large pouches. Don’t forget these are freeze dried powders so just a 4 or 5 g teaspoon will be the equivalent of 50g of the actual fruit/leaves! A little goes a long way!

100% pure, no added flavouring or colouring.

Diets suitable:

  • Raw – Dried below 40 degrees celcius
  • Contains only natural sugars
  • Free from gluten, dairy, yeast, soya and nuts
  • Preservative and flavouring free
  • Non-GMO
  • Exceptional nutritional values compared to other brands
  • Vegan, paleo & vegetarian
  • Highly ethical sourcing by us

The small bundle includes:

1 x 45g Green Goodness (9 servings)
1 x 40g Shine Bright (8 servings)
1 x 45g Rejuvenate your Soul (9 servings)

The large bundle includes:

1 x 150g Green Goodness (3 servings)
1 x 125g Shine Bright (24 servings)
1 x 150g Rejuvenate your Soul (30 servings)